Install Theme

Create a new Hugo site

hugo new site mynewsite

This will create a fresh Hugo site in the folder mynewsite.

Install theme

Copy or git clone this theme into the sites themes folder mynewsite/themes

Install with Git

cd mynewsite
cd themes
git clone

Install from .zip file

You can download the .zip file located here

Extract the downloaded .zip inside the themes folder. Rename the extracted folder from hugo-whisper-theme-master -> hugo-whisper-theme. You should end up with the following folder structure mynewsite/themes/hugo-whisper-theme

Add example content

The fastest way to get started is to copy the example content and modify the included config.toml

Copy exampleSite contents

Copy the entire contents of the exampleSite folder to the root folder of your Hugo site (the folder with the

Update config.toml

After you copy the config.toml into the root folder of your Hugo site you will need to update the baseURL, themesDir and theme values in the config.toml

baseURL = "/"
themesDir = "themes"
theme = "hugo-whisper-theme"

Run Hugo

After installing the theme for the first time, generate the Hugo site.


For local development run Hugo’s built-in local server.

hugo server

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.