We are Margarita and Martin and our interest in healthy lifestyle and wholesome nutrition began in 2009 with the birth of our first child. As it often happens, parenthood completely changed our attitude towards food and nature. We became aware how important it is what you feed your children with and how every tiny choice affects their future. We began our quest for organic products, but it was hard to find them and we literally ran a marathon across town in search of high-quality food. 

We decided we won’t be waiting for someone to change the attitude towards children's nutrition, but instead we did it ourselves. Our goal was to prove that feeding our children with wholesome foods can be a mission possible. And the memory of our “favorite” meals from our own childhood (everyone has one that they won’t ever forget) motivated us to create a different children's meal which will help children love food and keep only good memories from it. 


L ittle big people need us to take care of them in a special manner. Respect, imagination and attention to detail is what we invest in each box of ZeLeo. Thus, we prepare food which won’t bore them and through which they would get to love the universe of eating.

We create a modern kids menu and that is why we follow all innovations regarding wholesome nutrition. In order to be as useful for children as possible, Margarita earned her certificate degree as a nutritionist from Stanford University. 
Together with our team of professional cooks, she continues to create a rich and exciting menu, made of high-quality organic products and delivered in compostable packaging. You can take a break with a clear conscience - we take care of every detail at every stage, so you can be calm and your children - happy. 


Wholesome food for little big humans.

Colorful, balanced, “can-I-have-some-more” delicious.
Conscious nutrition with respect to children and nature. 

Lactose-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options.

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